“Sean helped me with an IRS issue and was great! It was resolved quickly with his help.”
-Julie Cain

“Sean is patient and customer focused. He understands everyone’s situation is different and tailors his approach to their needs. With his honesty and stellar expertise, I have no doubt he is doing my taxes correctly and in my favor.”
-Brandon Nance

“Sean is an outstanding CPA. He stays up with the multiple changes in tax law and is a wealth of knowledge.”

“Sean Quigly has been my financial rock during the resolution of my personal challenges with the IRS. He held my hand and provided me with hope and encouragement through a year-long process of communicating with (on my behalf), and resolving my tax issues. He is the most caring, intelligent and professional Accountant I have ever worked with and I am blessed to have found him. There is no one else in the Pensacola area that i would recommend for Accounting services.”
-Donna Hutchins

“Sean Quigley and staff do a wonderful job. They are extremely knowledgeable and very kind. Sean has handled our personal taxes and he also provides services to the residents were I work, Veranda of Pensacola. Everyone is always pleased. Thank you Sean for all you do! ”
-Michele at Veranda of Pensacola

“Sean was very personable, efficient and doesn’t overcharge. He clearly explained what he had done, what we might anticipate from the IRS and any actions we needed to take in the resolution of an Estate. He is an excellent CPA.”
-Elizabeth Sullivan

“Sean was extremely understanding of my situation and was able to map out the next steps to ensure I was able to file my taxes in an orderly manner.”
-Ian Freund

“Sean Quigley is the most knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy accountant that I have ever used and I would highly recommend him. He has done my personal and business accounting work for over a decade and he continues to impress me with his experience, integrity and strong work ethic. He has helped save me money and time which is priceless. I recommend Sean with the utmost confidence.”
-Julia Bellevale

“Sean is a highly professional accountant. Unlike other accountants I have dealt with in the past, Sean takes the time to talk to you and understand your business and seems to really want you to succeed. Sean and his team are very responsive to questions and understanding of my time…highly recommend!”

“He has done my taxes for past three years. This include a complicated state and federal payment issue. I still send him my taxes even though I have moved to another state. Very satisfied with Sean Quigley’s services.”
-Matthew Doubrava

“Sean is the best accountant I have ever used. He has helped save me a lot of money. He is a very professional and personable man. I highly recommend him!”
-Alyssa Pace

“I highly recommend Sean Quigley with Brown Thornton and Pacenta. Sean is trustworthy, professional, timely, and personable.”
-David Dickson

“Sean Quigley is an outstanding CPA. Knows his business, on top of the requirements, and cool under pressure. A true gentleman. Look no further!”
-Kevin Miller

“Great company for Personal or Corporate Tax work.”
-Walter Pierce

“Sean Quigley is our account and he’s awesome. We are new business owners and he was very thorough and patient with us this year as he prepared our business and personal tax returns. He gave us a number of tips and lots of advice on how to properly claim expenses. He has also streamlined our invoicing and made it much easier to keep up with our expenses. We will be saving lots of time in 2014 which is huge for a smal business owner. We look forward to doing business with him for years to come!”
-Erin Parker

“I have the utmost respect for Sean! I’ve had the privilege of serving on a board with him and I’m truly impressed with his knowledge and integrity. I highly recommend him to everyone.”
-Eddie Hill

“I wanted to say thank you to Mr. Quigley for the amazing work and how friendly he is. So, thank you sir!”
-Felix Ward

“Sean K Quigley is very professional and quite knowledgeable in his field. I was left very impressed!!”
-Steven Walker

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